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Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches This Winter

Cockroaches are horrible to experience at any time of year as they bring harmful diseases and can provoke asthmatic attacks for those with allergies. Winter tends to bring pests inside for warmth, shelter, food and water. This winter, in order to prevent roaches from making your home theirs, you’ll need to start preparing now. Keep reading for ways to get rid of cockroaches this season. 

Keep Your Home Free of Trash

Any type of waste attracts cockroaches. It’s especially important to make sure that all trash in the kitchen is thrown away and taken out when full. Remove trash from all rooms. Outdoor trash cans need to be kept tightly closed. 

Put Away All Food and Store Properly

After a meal, make sure that all food is promptly put away and stored in airtight containers. This also holds true for pet food. Do not leave anything out overnight. Make sure that all messes are cleaned up after snacks and meals.

Keep Your Home Clean

Cockroaches are attracted to crumbs, spills and other messes. If you leave dishes in your sink, crumbs on your kitchen floor, food left out on the counter or sticky spills, you may be attracting cockroaches into your home. Be sure to sweep daily vacuum carpets, furniture cushions and other high traffic areas. Keep your home as decluttered as possible, as cockroaches enjoy nesting amongst piles of junk. Anywhere that these pests can find shelter are areas that you want to keep clean, dry and clutter free. 

Keep Your Home Dry

If you have a basement, then you know that it can be dark and damp. Other areas that are prone to becoming humid are the kitchen and bathroom. For basements, an effective way to keep them dry is by running a dehumidifier. For kitchens and bathrooms, make sure that a properly working exhaust fan is installed. 

Repair Any Damages

If any of the walls in your home have holes or cracks, make sure they are repaired as quickly as possible. The same is true for ceilings. Check for any gaps underneath your doors or around windows as this is an easy access point for pests to enter into your home. 

If you have a cockroach infestation, do not handle it alone. Contact us at Pest Bear Termite & Pest Protection today to help you eliminate these pests!

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