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3 Easy Ways to Keep Summer Pests off Your Property

Summer brings all kinds of new life out and about. As you gear up to enjoy the summer weather, so do insects and other pests. Pests can turn a paradise into a nightmare overnight. So, follow these steps to keep your home and yard free of pests all summer long.

Use Pesticides

One of the best ways to keep pests completely away from your yard is to spray it with pesticides. These substances make your lawn uninhabitable for most insects while keeping your lawn healthy. Additionally, you can find pesticides that do not harm you or your loved ones and only hurt the pests.

To keep bugs out of your home, consider using a perimeter spray. These sprays act as invisible barriers that keep bugs out for months after the initial application. Bugs love the safety and protection offered by homes just as much as your family does. A perimeter spray every few months keeps bugs from taking a liking to your home.

Pest Resistant Plants

Gardens and flowers attract pests of all sorts due to the sustenance they provide. However, you can get beautiful landscaping without attracting bugs by planting flowers that actively repel pests. For example, citronella plants, garlic, basil and rosemary keep mosquitoes away. If you have a garden or flowerbed, add a few of these plants to keep mosquitoes away.

Dry up Puddles

Sitting water creates the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of insects. They tend to lay their eggs in puddles, where they hatch and give you an even worse pest situation. Containers such as buckets and birdbaths act as artificial puddle creators. Empty all vessels of water after a rainstorm to keep puddles away.

Some puddles might develop in your yard. Fill them with dirt so the water runs off and cannot pool up. The less sitting water you have around your house, the less appealing an environment you create for pests.

Contact a Professional

PestBear has been keeping homes around Florida pest-free for over 25 years. We serve the Tampa Bay area, Orlando and Jacksonville, with offices in several other locations. Give us a call today and start taking your home back from the wilds. 

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