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When Should You Remove a Beehive?

When should you remove a beehive? We’re often asked this question—especially as we near the warmest part of the year. Find the answer below. 

Are They Swarming?

Bees are an important environmental contributor and should generally be left alone by property owners. However, when they swarm outside (or even inside) your home or business, it’s important to keep your distance and monitor the situation. In many cases, the swarm will relocate after a while. If you think a hive or nest could be nearby and are worried about wasps or hornets, it’s best to call on the professionals. 

What if They Are Near or in Your Home or Business?

If you know that a hive or nest has been built in or near your home or business, keep in mind that, depending on where it’s situated, the hive could potentially be much larger than you might think. Unwanted hives and nests can be removed with a mixture of caution and skill and again, we advise against DIY removal. 

You can, however, take small, preventative steps to make your home and yard less welcoming to bees, wasps and hornets. Patch up even the smallest holes and tears in your screens, use caulk to plug up cracks and gaps in your foundation and cover outdoor items like your grill or patio furniture when they’re not in use. 

Should You Remove a Beehive Yourself?

The answer is no. While it may seem like the easiest course of action, it’s better to err on the side of caution and enlist the help of pest control specialists. Sure, taking care of the problem on your own is a quick fix. However, you’ll likely suffer at least a few stings. And, even after removal, the bees will return to the spot if honey byproducts remain (and they often do in hard-to-reach, unseen places). 

At PestBear Termite and Pest Protection, we’ve been serving clients across the state of Florida for more than 25 years. Our highly trained technicians are happy to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you, ensuring safe beehive and nest removal. Contact PestBear Termite and Pest Protection for a free quote today!  

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