Why Checking Your Insulation Now is a Good Idea for Pest Control


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Insulation in a home serves many functions including protecting the home from pests. It’s also a space where you may see signs of a potential infestation. Inspect the condition of the insulation and make an assessment if you need more. Checking your home’s insulation now will save you time and money in the future.

Warmer Weather Means More Pests

Now is the ideal time to check your home’s insulation in order to prevent pests. First, examine the house for holes where pests get in. The insulation acts as a barrier from pests, so if you need to install insulation, sooner is better than later. If pests are eating insulation, then you may see tears or holes in it.

Pest Control Insulation

Spray insulation fills every nook and cranny in a wall. It also does not serve as a food source to pests. Added insulation can be put on top of existing insulation. Insulation also resists mold and fungi, which improves the air quality of your home. It has the added benefit of diffusing moisture. Help keep your family healthy by adding insulation. It is fire resistant as well, which helps to make your home safer. Another benefit of pest control insulation is that it can help to save on energy costs. If you want to save on your energy bill, look at adding insulation to your home. Your home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with lower energy costs.

How it Works

The pest control insulation contains borates in the fibers. This is toxic to the pests. Animals with livers can process this, but animals with no livers such as insects cannot. It’s especially effective against pests such as wasps, cockroaches, silverfish, and termites. Wildlife such as rats or squirrels will not nest in it, either.

Signs in Insulation of Pests

Rats moving around leave marks and footprints. When looking for signs, tracks indicate a rodent infestation. Critter holes also show that rats or mice live in your insulation. These caves in the insulation signal where rodents burrow and get comfortable. Do any spaces look compacted? That could be from rodents moving around. You may also see droppings.

Checking now for rodents means they have fewer opportunities to make a mess and do potential damage to your home.

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