Maintaining Lawn Care Pest Control During Winter


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Did you know that the lawn care you do during winter can prevent pests during the warmer months? Most people don’t prioritize lawn care during the winter, but there are some routine steps you can take that will benefit you in the spring and summer. Here are a few examples.

1. Fertilize

The best time to fertilize your lawn is during fall and early winter. Using fertilizer will keep your lawn healthy and will give it the nutrients it needs to live. Fertilizer kills some of the common pests you may have in your lawn. If you take the time to fertilize in the fall and winter, you will have a beautiful, pest-free lawn when the springtime comes.

2. Keep your lawn clear

Picking up debris like leaves, branches, and pet droppings will impact your lawn in a positive way. Debris like that attracts pests and keep them thriving. Take some time during the cold months to keep your lawn clear and it will pay off in the spring and summer.

3. Continue weeding

Spring and summer aren’t the only seasons that are great for weeding. If you happen to get a warm day during the fall or winter, take the opportunity to do a little weeding and to spray some weed control on necessary areas. Pests love hiding in weeds and using them for food. Keeping weeds out of your lawn can make it completely pest-free.

4. Get rid of thatch

Thatch is large clumps of grass, stems, and weeds that you can usually find right on the surface of your lawn, sometimes in the soil. If you want to remove it, the easiest way is to mow your lawn shorter and then use a rake to clear it away. You can do this before fertilizing to get the bed results. Like weeds, thatch is another home for pests. Keeping your lawn thatch-free will definitely reduce pests.

5. Maintain a watering schedule

Pests are very attracted to moist, damp areas and standing water. Although your lawn may look dry during the cold months, avoid overwatering it.

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