Can Bed Bugs Survive Outdoors?


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Bed bugs can be a difficult problem to deal with. They are small, hard to get rid of and give you awful, itchy bites. Bed bugs are primarily thought of an inside problem, especially because of their name.

It is possible that they get out into your yard. This usually happens because they are thrown out with an old mattress or simply fall off their host. What you may not know is that they are capable of living outside for a period of time with the right conditions.

Where can they live outside?

While bed bugs prefer to live inside with their hosts and drink their blood, they are capable of living outside.

  • Outdoor furniture

Bed bugs won’t live in your lawn, but be on the lookout in areas with outdoor furniture. They may hide in patio furniture or your pet’s bed, but not in the grass itself.

  • Other outdoor areas

In addition to your lawn furniture, there are other places that bed bugs could be hiding outside. These places include fences, pergolas, cracks in the walls, and woodpiles.

How long will they survive outside?

Since bed bugs need a host to live, you may wonder how long they’ll last in your yard. That depends on a few different factors.

  • Food Availability

Bed bugs can actually live for up to four months without food. If they live in a colder environment, they can actually live up to a year without food because their metabolism slows down.

  • Contact with Natural Enemies

There are some things that eat bed bugs, so they may get attacked when outside. These animals include Pharaoh ants, cockroaches and some lizards and spiders.

  • The Weather

Bed begs don’t deal well with water. Rain is dangerous for them. Extreme temperatures are also a problem. If the temperature drops to -0.4 degrees Fahrenheit, it will kill them.

How to prevent a bed bug infestation

When you have bed bugs, it’s important to deal with the problem quickly and thoroughly.

  • Take precautions after traveling

Bed bugs can spread through different modes of travel. When you get home, leave your bags outside overnight and wash all of the clothing you traveled with.

  • Inspect second-hand items

If you buy second-hand items, especially furniture, make sure to inspect them before buying them.

  • Treat infested items

Don’t throw away infested items before treating them. The bed bugs could spread to your neighbors or back into your home.

  • Work with a professional

Bed bugs are very difficult to fully get rid of. Work with a professional to treat an infestation in your home.

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