Pest control services can help businesses to stay free from a variety of insects and bugs that inhabit the area. Commercial properties may require additional levels of protection in order to keep customers confident that the building is pest-free. Even if the infestation is caused by something beyond the control of the business owner, it will still affect the reputation of the company. A variety of pests are capable of invading commercial facilities and laying eggs or growing their pest colonies by other methods. The most common pest problems in this area include roaches, termites and even beg bugs. Our services are designed to detect the presence of pests on your property and eliminate them from every part of your building. However, we also maintain our work over time so that you can enjoy a pest-free commercial property all year. Our service professionals are qualified and experienced at various forms of pest control, and they can meet your specific business requirements.

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Common Pest Problems for Businesses

Commercial properties need to remain free from pests all year in order to maintain the level of compliance that is expected by customers and demanded by regulators. Failure to maintain a pest-free facility can result in a variety of penalties. This could include fees, fines, loss of revenue and even closure of the business in some cases. Managers should be aware of the different types of pests that can appear in any commercial property. Early detection is necessary in order to maintain the level of sanitation that meets all of the local, state and federal requirements. However, if pests manage to grow their nests on your property without being detected, you might require immediate assistance in eliminating them from the premises.

Common pest infestations on commercial properties may include the following:

  • Termites: These wood-destroying pests can enter the home through the soil in the basement or through tiny cracks and crevices. They are often attracted to the smell of moist wood, and they can cause a considerable amount of damage to the property.
  • Bed Bugs: These critters are found in the linings of fabric where they can build their nests. They often enter the business after relocation or other type of move. Eliminating them from the property is critical because they will affect the reputation of the company if they are seen by customers.
  • Roaches: These insects are extremely annoying to see in any property, but they can cause irreparable damage to any business if they are seen by a customer or by an official inspector. These pests are also capable of laying large numbers of eggs on the property. They can also infiltrate the adjacent properties as well, and this means that each business inside of the building could be potentially affected.

Our Pest Control Services

PestBear is a professional pest-control company that provides solutions for our commercial clients. We understand the need to eliminate these pests from your property as fast as possible, and we can help you to do this before your reputation is affected. Our service professionals are discreet, and we work quickly to ensure that you always enjoy the highest levels of protection available. We offer a free quote for our services, so you can contact us at any time with full assurance that your pest-control needs will be met.