Spring Pests Floridians Should Worry About


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Spring in Florida is an amazing time for people and for insects. While we’re basking in the weather and witnessing the beauty that nature yields, creepy crawlies will be finding mates and reproducing. Unfortunately, they will also invite themselves to our backyards. At this point, insects are going to turn into the pests that we hate most.

Bees and Wasps

Yes, bees serve a useful purpose, but they can deliver a nasty sting just like wasps can. All it takes is for you to disturb them or their hive, and they will target you until they no longer consider you a threat.

Did you know that wasps are among the predators that hunt bees? These flying insects are highly aggressive, and they are divided into two categories: social and solitary. While social wasps establish a colony in their hive, the other type tends to breed and live independently. As spring progresses, bees and wasps proliferate, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a pest exterminator when you first come across a hive.


Blood sucking is more than just a hobby for mosquitoes. It’s a requirement because blood is their primary source of protein. After the females feed on you or your pet, they are able to breed. Mosquito eggs are deposited on the surface of standing water. Common breeding grounds include flower pots, yard fountains, wading pools and even piles of wet leaves.

Why should you go out of your way to avoid getting bit? Although a mosquito bite isn’t painful, it can put your health and your life in jeopardy. These flying vampires are known to transmit dengue fever, West Nile virus, malaria and Zika.


Florida is home to a multitude of rodents, so you can’t afford to become complacent or inattentive. Rats will enter your home through sewer pipes. Squirrels will take up residence in your attic. Raccoons will invade your garage. Rodents have similar necessities: food, water and shelter. If they find any of these things in your home or business, you can rest assured that they will exploit the first opening they see to get in and establish a foothold.

Getting them to leave is going to be a demanding task if you solely rely on do-it-yourself methods. Rodent infestations are best left to professional pest exterminators.


Some spiders are actually more helpful than harmful. If you’ve noticed a slight decrease in pest activity, chances are you have one or two spiders working on your property. Their specialty is catching and eating critters. Nevertheless, if their presence gives you the creeps, you need to seal up any openings to help prevent a spider invasion. More importantly, you should consider letting a pest exterminator from PestBear treat your property in Florida.

Be sure to contact PestBear with all of your pest concerns. Our team of professionals are happy to help, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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