Avoiding Bed Bugs at College


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Before the school year begins, it’s important to learn about a few ways to avoid bed bugs in your college dorm room. If there is an infestation or even a few bugs seen on your bed or on furniture in the dorm, then a company like PestBear can help solve the issues so that the pests don’t spread and so that you don’t take them home with you. An easy thing that you can do to keep bed bugs and other pests out of your clothing and belongings is to keep everything in plastic storage containers or plastic bags that can be sealed. This puts a barrier between the bugs and your belongings.

Keep your room clean. This is probably something your parents have told you all your life, but it’s important if you don’t want bed bugs or other bugs in your dorm room. Don’t leave open food around or trash that attracts bugs. Any food that you don’t eat should be put in a sealed container and kept in a refrigerator or disposed of in a trash can.

If you notice any kind of odd marks on your skin or on your roommate, then notify someone who can examine the room for bed bugs or other pests that might be on the bedding or in the room. Most bed bug bites appear in a straight line on the skin as the bugs will work their way down from one point to another while they are crawling.

Wash your linens at least once a week. When you wash your clothes, use warm water, drying them on a hot setting as well to kill any bugs that might be present. Try not to get used furniture for your dorm room. Even if you have to start out with minimal items, it’s best to get new furniture and supplies to decrease the chances of bed bugs being in the crevices.

When you visit friends in other rooms and in other halls, don’t take more belongings than you have to so that you don’t take any bugs back to your own room. If you suspect or know that there are bugs present, alert your advisor who can then find the proper resources to eliminate them.

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