Why You Should Contact Pest Control When You Have a Pest Issue


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Living with pests in your home is a serious problem, particularly for Tampa area residents. The insects and other pests that can invade your residence can cause expensive property damage, create a negative atmosphere for your family and even bring toxic contaminants into your home.

A can of Raid and a box of Borax are not going to cut it. You need expert help, and a professional pest control service is your best option for many reasons. Here’s a few considerations for calling pest control to deal with your pest problem.

Consider Your Health

Bugs and other pests certainly do creep most of us out, but they actually pose a serious real health risk to you and those who live with you, too. Roaches carry E coli and salmonella on their carapaces, and they can spread it to anything and everything that they come in contact with inside your home. Ticks in your yard can cause Lyme disease, a debilitating medical condition that requires extensive treatment and has extremely uncomfortable symptoms.

Ants crawling around in your pantry can contaminate your food in the same way that cockroaches do, and wasps, hornets and other stinging insects post a health risk whether you have anyone allergic in your house or not. Oh, and don’t even get us started about mosquitoes! You owe it to yourself and your family to have an expert clear those pests out.

Pest Control Can ID and Eliminate Pests at the Source

Dealing with specific types of pests requires specific baits and chemicals to eliminate them. Pest control specialists will know what works best to deal with your specific infestation, and they will ensure every pest is eliminated and the problem does not recur.

For example, let’s say you have an unwanted honey bee nest on your property and you need it eliminated. Bees are essential to the ecosystem though, so you’d rather not poison or eliminate them altogether. Many pest control specialists now offer services like live-bee trapping, allowing you to eliminate the problem by relocating the hive to a safer location for you and the bees.

More importantly, pest control professionals know how to find and eliminate the source of your pest problem, making it easier for you to stay pest-free in the future once you understand what factors contributed to your infestation.

Are you local to the Tampa area? Got a pest problem? Contact PestBear to have one of our experts come out and give you an estimate. We’ll help you find the best and safest solution to your pest problem.

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