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Escaping the responsibilities of work or school by going on vacation should be a time where you are worry-free. The fastest thing to make those relaxing moments disappear are pests like bed bugs, roaches and ticks. They put a damper on your itinerary and create all sorts of stress. Here at Pestbear, we do not want to spoil your daily life or dream vacation. Below are 4 ideas to keep pests from interrupting your vacation.

Key Areas to Treat for Pests

One of the first areas to treat against pests is your lawn. Before these critters ever get in your garage or on your patio, eliminate them in the grass. When you choose to use Pestbear, your home, garage and lawn are all well-maintained at regular intervals to repel against pests. Unlike most pest control companies, Pestbear’s lawn program offers control against weeds, fleas, ticks, ants and lawn fungal diseases.

A pest control professional should perform frequent treatments in your home such as in your garage, attic, kitchen, bedrooms and storage areas. It is important to do this to prevent bed bugs from coming with you on your vacation because they were in your storage closet sitting in your suitcase. When it is time for you to start packing, pack your clothes and other items in sealed, ziplock bags.

Inspecting for Pests While on Vacation

Whether you are staying at a hotel room, airbnb, or a little cottage in Belgium, you should make it a practice to inspect your rooms for roaches and bed bugs. Bed bugs are found in bed frames, night stands, under the carpet/rugs, electrical outlets and pictures hanging on the walls. Bed bugs are nighttime feeders, so do these inspections at night with a flashlight. Likewise, cockroaches are challenging to spot. One thing to look out for with these insects are their feces.

Prevent Pests from Coming Home in your Luggage

If you and your luggage end up getting infested with bed bugs while you are on vacation, the last thing you want to have happen is to infect your home. Before going home, place your clothing in black trash bags and seal them. When you return, put your clothes in the dryer at the hottest temperature possible for about sixty minutes. The extreme heat will kill bed bugs, cockroaches and other pests.

Pestbear Termite and Pest Protection is there for you whether you are doing preventative treatments for your home and lawn or if you have an infestation. What are you waiting for, contact Pestbear today to learn more!

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