How Food Preparation Practices can Affect Pests in Your Home


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Of the countless ways we attract pests into our homes, food preparation in the kitchen is arguably the most impactful. Poor food prep practices in the kitchen give critters big and small ample resources to survive and thrive in the home.

Eliminating food and water sources is a top priority when trying to pest-proof the kitchen. Keep reading to learn about ways food preparation and disposal can help or hurt your pest control efforts.

Food Debris and Spills

Through the course of chopping vegetables, mixing ingredients, cooking meat and the myriad of other movements involved in mealtime preparation, food debris and spills will definitely accumulate. Mice, cockroaches and other common food pests snack on leftover crumbs as well as other minor essences of food found in small spills.

Pests can identify and subsist on minute food waste that we often cannot see. Failing to thoroughly wipe down counters, floors and other surfaces with a proper cleaning agent after preparing food can leave behind food residue that attracts these bugs.

Food Waste in the Sink

Keeping the kitchen sink clean and clear of dishes is a big post-cooking annoyance but also a vital necessity in dissuading the advancement of pests. Again, pests need only small amounts of food to get by and simply rinsing dishes before leaving them in the sink is not effective in removing everything. Plus, dishes in the sink allow pockets of water to build up, giving many pests the moisture they need.

Keeping a system of clearing the dishes to the dishwasher keeps the sink drained, dry and clean. Washing the dishes regularly is equally essential, as those food particles can still draw pests even from inside the dishwasher.

Trash and Recycling

Prepping waste for the trash and recycling is as important to reducing common food pests as the food preparation itself. Rotting food in the trash is like a megaphone, calling all pests from near and far to enjoy the fine dining in your kitchen. Taking out the trash and cleaning the trash can daily is a key component of effective pest prevention.

Similarly, rinsing recyclables before disposal eliminates much of the food sources that attract pests. Removing food particles and sticky residue from vegetable cans, syrup containers or any other reusable items can go a long way in keeping mice and bugs out.

Looking for more tips on preventing common food pests or need help removing an existing pest problem? Our experts at Pest Bear are dedicated to providing the most cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for our customers across Florida. Contact PestBear today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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