With a non-repellent termite baiting system, we detect and eliminate termites from your home without evacuation. From there we come back to your home or business and check the progress. Ask us about borate-filled insulation that keeps your home at a cooler or warmer temperature as well as keeping bugs out. We have a solution for every problem, budget and situation. Call us today for your pest control solutions. 

Pest Services in Land O Lakes

The Land O Lakes area is termite prevalent as well as, mosquitos, cockroaches and all indigeous pest that live with us in our great state of Florida. We have the pest control systems that are most effective for Florida.  We consistently educate our technicians on the new, green, innovative, and creative ways to combat pests. Let’s discuss your unique pest control needs today. 

Termite Control in Land O Lakes

The most destructive infestation is the termite. They’re prevalent in Land O Lakes and in the state of Florida as a whole. Most people don’t recognize just how big a challenge it is. We constantly research and develop ways to inspect and eradicate termites at a variety of stages in your infestation.  

We use liquid termite baiting that allows you to stay in your home. However, we need to inspect your home as soon as possible. If left for too long more invasive measures may have to be taken. Once we have the bait down, we will reinspect quarterly to gauge the progress and take appropriate action. 

Bed Bug Control in Land O Lakes

The most upsetting infestation are bed bugs simply because they’re so close to you, inflicting bites and leaving behind very itchy welts. Tiny blood spots on the sheets is also another sign, DIY methods of extermination only work short-term. The hatching period can be far between and can give the illusion of eradication. Call us if you see any of these signs immediately to abate the spread to other areas. 

Make sure you keep the linens and other items from the room you discovered them in, away from other areas of the house until treatment can be given. Bed bugs don’t carry any known diseases; however, the bites can cause secondary infection. Get treatment immediately if you have elderly or immunocompromised people in the house.  

PestBear’s experienced service professionals have been providing Florida pest control services for over 25 years. Whether you need to eliminate an existing pest problem or you want to avoid one in the future, PestBear offers a variety of services for both residential and commercial customers.