• Florida Pest Prevention

    • I’ve got swarms of ants invading my house. How can I keep them away?

      Several species of ant are found in Florida. Pest prevention is most effective when you can identify what kind of ant it is, but some general recommendations are as follows:

      • Remove dead wood from near the house, as ants prefer to live in these environments
      • Don’t disturb the nest, since you may just be redirecting them to another area of your home.
      • Keep kitchen counters clean of food and crumbs.

      For total pest prevention, schedule pest control service to lay non-repellent baits and treatments around the perimeter of your house.

    • Every year, squirrels and mice move into my attic. How can I stop them from coming in?
      Squirrels and mice typically enter the home through small holes in your basement or attic and can travel through the space in your walls to other areas of the home. They can also chew through small spaces in the home to make them bigger and can actually create a great deal of damage to your home. To prevent them from coming in, make sure to have a professional look at your home to identify any current and potential points of entry and seal the gaps. Mice are a common Florida pest, and prevention can be handled easily and quickly by a PestBear professional.
    • What can I do to prevent termites?
      Whether you currently have termites or are trying to avoid future instances of termite infestations, the first step should be having a professional exterminator inspect the home for signs of existing termites—a common problem in Florida. Pest prevention includes looking for wings, small holes in wood, and broken drywall. By treating the perimeter of your home for subterranean termites, you can kill existing or potential termites in the ground before they reach your home. For a full defense, make sure to remove woodpiles, stumps, or mulch from near your home. Seal all cracks and holes in your foundation, trim shrubs and bushes away from the house, and don’t let leaves to build up in your gutters.
    • I have a tube in the wall system. Can you service them?
      Yes, we service many of these systems. The equipment is readily available in the marketplace to service all types of in-wall systems. Some companies will have you believe that the system is patented and belongs to them, but this is false. Another tactic companies use to retain your business is to say you will lose your warranty. Most warranties are only for the amount your builder paid for the system ($100 on average). Please be advised that many in-wall pest prevention systems have been installed poorly and become old, damaged, and sometimes nonfunctional. Our free inspection of your system will let you know.
    • I have a termite system. Can you take it over?
      Yes, we can service most termite monitoring systems. We will fully cover your home with a $1,000,000 damage warranty backed by a triple A-rated insurance company. Many larger companies are self-insured, and this is a great disadvantage to the homeowner because they are less inclined to cover even the smallest of claims. Check your policy and call PestBear for a free inspection.
    • I found a bug but know nothing about it. What should I do?
      Please visit our PestBear library on the homepage menu. It shows many common insects in Florida. The captions state basic information about the bug’s size, color, habits, diseases, etc. It also states if the bug is harmful or beneficial. Many insects are harmful and require pest prevention or extermination, so if you are uncertain, please contact us!
    • I see flying insects with wings and am not sure if they are termites.
      Since termites are destructive to your property and home, this is an important question to be resolved. Both ants and termites commonly swarm in order to mate and expand an existing colony. This triggering event normally happens in the spring and fall. One of the easiest ways to find out if it is termites or ants is to look at the body. Termites have a two-segmented body and ants have three segments.
    • Do you have termite protection with a damage warranty program?
      We currently offer one of the best protections in the industry: a $1,000,000 damage protection warranty against termites backed by an AAA-rated insurance company. Many national pest companies are self-insured, thus causing problems when trying to get issues resolved since it will inevitably affect their bottom line.
    • Do you do lawn fertilization and pest control?
      Yes, in addition to termite and pest prevention, we are a full service company that has a complete lawn landscaping division. We have many avenues to green your lawn or cure disease, weeds, dry patches, or other detriments to your lawn. Your cooperation and our help will generate a beautiful Florida lawn.
  • Pest Control Information

    • I’ve got something living in my attic. Should I just wait until it moves out?
      Pest prevention and pest control always includes identifying and removing problem rodents and animals. Rodents not only damage the structure of your house by chewing and gnawing, but the droppings and urine they leave behind can contaminate your environment. By quickly using a pest prevention service, you can ensure a safe and complete removal of the pest and their waste, and a reduction of access points for future nuisances.
    • Our house is full of fleas and ticks! I use vet recommended products for my dog, so where are they coming from?
      While commonly seen as a problem for pet owners, fleas and ticks appear anywhere there is wildlife and can be found in most areas of the nation. Most fleas and ticks live in the yard and only come into the house when they attach to a pet, human, clothing, piece of furniture, etc. By treating the lawn with a flea and tick control product, you can kill existing fleas and prevent the eggs from developing into the adult biting stage. To schedule and receive pest control and information, contact us at (888) 998-1845.
    • I just moved to Tallahassee and I have fire ants everywhere! I never had this problem in Chicago. Are they only found in Florida
      Fire ants were introduced to the United States in the mid-1930s, and since then, they’ve taken over most southern states and range from Texas to Florida. Pest prevention is best administered by a professional as these ants can be painful and dangerous to deal with. Fire ants can be found in every county in Florida, and until PestBear is able to come to your home to administer professional pest control, information that you should know includes don’t disturb the nest, keep food sealed and off of counters, patch any cracks or holes in your foundation, and do not use a repellent spray (this will only redirect them and is a temporary solution).