Have you wondered if you could really have the lawn of your dreams? A healthy, lush lawn that’s pest and disease-free?  No more brown patches and weeds? Well, there’s good news. You can. We provide the most complete lawn maintenance and care. From basic lawn care; disease treatment; to weed and pest control we have you covered. 

I feel I’m getting my money’s worth. My lawn looks good and I don’t have any lawn pests.

Robert S., Saint Petersburg, FL

Lawn Disease And Fungus Treatments 

Disease and fungus ruin what could be a great-looking and healthy lawn. We apply fungicidal treatment and other chemicals that deter diseases like leaf spot and brown patches, just to name a few. In other words, all of the elements that make a lawn unsightly. 

Identifying Common Florida Lawn Fungus and Disease

There are five types of common Florida Lawn Fungi.

  • Brown Patch Fungus: Large spotty brown patches that thin your grass out. 
  • Dollar Spot: This is a dangerous one. It begins with a silver dollar shaped wispy fungus and then invades the grass down to the root. If it’s not prevented the infected grass will have to be replaced. 
  • Fairy Rings: Bright green patches of grass in an almost perfect circle. This fungus starves your lawn of nitrogen as it rots the roots. 
  • Rush Fungus: Rusty orange patches on the grass. 
  • Gray Leaf Fungus: Brown spots form on the blades of grass and appear like velvet on the surface. This is from over watering or excessive moisture from rain.

Weed Control

Weed control is essential for lawn health and an integral part of your lawn care plan.  We offer weed prevention and elimination of existing weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides prove valuable so there are fewer weeds to deal with later on. They’re more than unsightly, they carry destructive insects and pull water and nutrients from your plants and grasses. They are expendable and serve no positive purpose except to provide a home for invasive lawn pests.

Lawn, Tree, And Shrub Care And Fertilization

We treat your lawn, trees, and shrubs for disease and fertilize them as needed throughout the year. According to your needs and our standard practice we provide seasonal tree fertilization; apply disease control and fungicidal products and control pests. 

Fertilization is as needed once the lawn, trees, and shrubs are inspected by our licensed and skilled technicians. They’ll develop a treatment plan tailored to what your property needs for the most effective results. 

Outdoor Pest Control in Florida

Pests need to be dealt with swiftly and completely where they begin–outdoors in your lawn. They have little chance of invading your home if we control them at the source. Not only can they get inside the home, but there are a variety of destructive lawn pests that can wreak havoc on your tender turf. Grubs, Fleas and Ticks, Mosquitos and more invasive pests that can attack the root of your grass can be treated with strong and fast-acting chemicals. Some are a one-time treatment and others are recurring maintenance. 

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos carry several known diseases and typically show themselves in the seasonally warmer months from April to October. We have a system to suit your unique mosquito infestation issue. We want you to enjoy your yard–after all you live in sunny Florida!

Flea And Tick Control

This is a big problem here in Florida, and treatment is needed throughout the year. Florida doesn’t really have seasons as far as climate is concerned. Fleas and ticks roam freely looking for the best pet or human host they can find. They’re also dangerous carriers of disease for both pets and people. We deal with all pests that invade your lawn, but these pests need to be dealt with quickly before you and your family are exposed. 

A beautiful lawn and garden take work, but you can leave that to a company that knows the needs of Florida residents. The climate here breeds pests,disease and fungus because essentially we are swamp land. That comes with a price to keep a wild atmosphere manicured and healthy. That’s where we come in! 

You can’t afford not to treat your lawn and control pests. The cost of the damage outweighs the maintenance, Call us today to discuss your unique lawn and pest care needs.