With the hot, humid summers and short, warm winters, Fort Myers is a great place to live for people who love the lush vegetation that living in the subtropical climate offers. In addition to being a fast-growing area and tourist destination, Fort Myers also attracts many different kinds of insects and pests. The professionals at PestBear understand the unique insect issues that homeowners face in Fort Myers and are ready to help you to tackle whatever infestation problem that you might be facing.

Termite Control in Ft. Myers

Termites are winged insects that swarm. Some people confuse termites with flying ants, but there are some differences in how they look. Termites have long, straight antennae while ants have antennae that have elbows in them. Termites also do not have the pinched abdomen region that ants have. Termites are especially problematic for homeowners and businesses because of the significant damage that they can quickly case. They feed on the wood that they find in the structural parts of your home or building and can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs if you do not quickly take steps to eliminate them from your Ft. Myers property.

Subterranean termites cause the most damage of the main types of termites. They live in giant colonies under the ground and construct mud tubes out of the soil. You can see mud tubes on the exterior walls or foundations of your home or building. Termites use these as modes of transportation so that they can travel from their nests to their food sources. If you see swarms of these insects, spot mud tubes or see piles of insect wings, it is important for you to get help from the professionals at PestBear.

Bed Bug Treatment in Ft. Myers

If you are waking up with itchy bites and see tiny red insects crawling on your mattress, you probably have a bed bug infestation. These insects feed on blood and are nocturnal, meaning they like to feed on you as you sleep. Bed bugs hide in your carpet, the seams of your mattress and upholstered furniture and even inside of your electrical outlets. They may hitch rides from hotels that you have stayed in while you were traveling on your luggage or clothing and then establish their presence in your home. If you have bed bugs, it is important for you to get the help of the experts at PestBear. These insects are very difficult to eradicate and will likely necessitate the help of professionals.

Roach Control in Ft. Myers

There are many different types of roaches in the U.S. These bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate from your home once they have established themselves. Roaches are most active at night. You might see them scurrying across your floors or counters when you turn on the lights. Roaches also leave tiny black droppings that look similar to pepper. If you have a roach problem, you should get help. These bugs can contaminate your food, cause respiratory problems and spread disease. PestBear can eliminate your roaches and help you to keep them from coming back inside of your home.

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