Detecting a pest infestation can be more difficult than it seems. Insects like termites, roaches and bed bugs can remain hidden from view for a surprisingly long time. Preventative measures are always the most reliable way to control these pests, but this is not always possible. Once a pest infestation begins, you will need to get rid of them and all of their eggs in order to prevent future infestations from occurring. The protection you can get from using our services is significant because we can prevent many of their nests from growing into a colony. We hire only trained and experienced pest control professionals who understand the signs of an infestation. Early detection is the best method for rapid pest control, and we can provide residential customers all of the information necessary to make informed decisions.

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Specific Pest Control Services

Customers often have questions about how our pest-control services work. We can improve your quality of life by detecting and eliminating pests before they have an opportunity to grow large colonies in the spaces between your walls, in your attic or in your basement. In addition, some of these pests may locate their nests just outside the home, and this makes them difficult to detect and eliminate. Our service professionals can examine your property for signs of an infestation, eliminate them and maintain your pest-free residence over time. If you see any signs of a pest infestation in your residential property, you should contact our experts for a consultation as soon as possible. This is the best way to prevent the pest infestation before it has a chance to happen.

The following pests are commonly found in residential homes, apartments and condos:

There are several types of termites that can infest your property. Some species are called subterranean termites because they can burrow beneath your home and lay eggs in the soil around your home. They can also enter your basement through the small cracks and openings that are invisible to the human eye. Once inside, they use wood as a source of food or construction material, and this can damage the value of your home. Bed bugs usually enter the home by clinging onto various furniture or clothing items while you are transporting from one place to another. Roaches are attracted to the scent of food that usually comes from uncovered trash cans. They can lay egg sacs all over the interior parts of your walls, and they form large colonies that are difficult to control. They can also travel from one residence to another, and they can infest entire apartment buildings.

PestBear Excellence

PestBear has a variety of pest-control solutions available for residents who are suspecting that they have termites, roaches or bed bugs in the home. We are committed to providing our customers with the detailed information necessary to make informed decisions about pest control options. This includes prevention options as well as lawn care services. To keep your environment pest-free all year long, you will need to understand what attracts them into your home and eliminate these magnets from your property. In addition, small pests can die and leave their corpses on your property out of sight. The smell of these rotting corpses will attract other insects. Contact us for a free quote on any pest-control service.