Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Without Fumigation


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Bed bug bites are uncomfortable, unsanitary and unsettling. The idea of these pests crawling around while you sleep is enough to keep you awake at night. Perhaps the idea of fumigation also unsettles you because of the harmful chemicals or the cost that is involved. You may wonder if having an exterminator is necessary. Keep reading to find out if you can get rid of bed bugs without having to fumigate.

Check for Signs of an Infestation

You may not be able to see bed bugs at first, but you may feel them. If you wake up in the middle of the night with itchy red bites on your skin, then you may have a bed bug infestation. But, there are other signs to be aware of as well. Check along the seam of the mattress and the headboard for tiny black dots. These dots may appear to be dirt, but they are bed bug excrement. You may also find small trails of blood on your pillowcase, sheets and comforter. Unfortunately, these pests are not restricted to hiding in your bed. They can also hide in walls, outlets and furniture.

Ways You Can Treat Bed Bugs Yourself

Bed bugs are often found in linens, including bed sheets, blankets, towels, curtains and clothes. Heat is one of the best ways to kill these pests, so putting all of your linens in the dryer for a full cycle on the highest setting will help alleviate the problem. Steam is another useful tool in killing bed bugs. Use a steam pocket mop to effectively kill the adults and the eggs. Vacuuming the entire apartment or house is another effective way to rid yourself of bed bugs. Do not forget to vacuum your mattress, couches, chairs, carpets and hardwood or tile floors as well as the areas behind these objects as well. Once you have finished, clean the vacuum out to ensure that no bed bugs are left behind. Rubbing alcohol can also be an effective tool for killing bed bugs instantly. Be sure to use 95 percent rubbing alcohol. You can use this to kill them on the spot, or you can rub it into areas where there are infestations. 

Preventative Measures

There are several ways to prevent a bed bug infestation. One way is to place bed bug covers on all mattresses in the house. You can even put covers on your furniture as well. Eliminate clutter as much as possible, as it provides bed bugs plenty of areas to hide. After traveling, place all clothing in the dryer to kill any bed bugs that may have come home with you. If you acquire used furniture, vacuum it thoroughly before placing it in your home. Bed bugs can hop on you at any time you stay in hotels, travel on public transportation or come into contact with someone who has a bed bug infestation. 

Taking these steps can help you handle a bed bug infestation on your own. However, it is highly recommended that you have an infestation treated as soon as possible by a professional. Pest control professionals are trained to properly assess the situation and carry out the most effective treatment. Even if you are wary of fumigation, consider that bed bugs are difficult to get rid of on your own. Contact PestBear Termite & Pest Protection to protect your home against unwanted pests.

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