How to Prepare for Your Pest Control Inspection


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It’s time to get your home inspected for pests. If you have fears of a termite infestation or you are preparing to sell your home, there are a few things that you can do to prepare your house and yard before the inspector arrives. Take some time to clear these areas for the best results.

Around the Exterior

The inspector needs to be able to see every foot of your exterior walls. Take a walk around your home with hedge clippers to trim back any foliage that is touching the house. Do another trip around the house and garage to move any storage away from the walls. Move trash cans, garden hoses, firewood and other outdoor items at least two feet from the wall.

Garage and Basement

We all tend to stack boxes and long-term storage items against the walls of our basements and garages. Simply move all these things a couple of feet toward the center of the room.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Bugs love the moisture around your plumbing, so your inspector will take a close look under your sinks. Do him a favor by emptying those cabinets into a box before he comes. This will help him be more efficient and give you the best inspection possible.

Utility Closet

Make sure the area around your water heater is clear. Not only will this help your inspector, but it will help keep your home safe from fire. This area should stay free of clutter even after the pest control guy has finished his job.

Up in the Attic

Your friendly pest controller will need to climb up into your attic. If you need a ladder to gain access, make sure that the area underneath is clear of storage and furniture. If the access panel is in a closet, be sure to remove your clothes, so they don’t get covered in dust and insulation.

Under the House

If you have a crawl space under the house, the inspector will need to get under there to check for critters and damage. Double check that he can get to the access area easily.

When you think about all the dark, dusty and damp places your inspector will be exploring, you will be glad you hired the best to get the job done. Call PestBear to get a complete home inspection and the solutions you need to free your home of pests.

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