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Florida residents, it’s time to get your lawn’s “winterize” on.  Your lawn might not need as much care during the winter, but you should not ignore it either. Even in the “Land of Sunshine” you need to protect your lawn to ensure a lush green yard come springtime. Check out these winter lawn care tips.

Fertilize Before the Winter Months Come

Ideally, you should do a final pre-winter fertilizing in September if you live in Northern Florida. In central Florida, get the fertilizer down by October. In South Florida, you will not need the fertilizer as much because the temperate climate allows the grass to stay greener there for much longer than the other regions.

Get the Seed Down

Seeding your lawn with ryegrass is a popular and affordable option for Florida lawns. Ryegrass is designed to grow quickly in colder temperatures and helps to reinforce your lawn’s natural grasses. After seeding your lawn, maintain it like normal. The ryegrass will die when warmer temperatures return, leaving you with a beautiful and lush green landscape come springtime.

Stay Off the Lawn

On those rare occasions when you do get some snow in Florida, avoid walking all over your lawn. Constantly walking on your grass will compress it, creating an unsightly trail when the warm weather returns and causing you even more work to get your yard back into shape.

Your Lawn is Still Thirsty

Just because it’s winter, do not ignore your lawn until next season. Grass is a fully living organism. You must keep it moist. As long as your region of the state isn’t experiencing a drought, watering your lawn once a week during the winter should be sufficient to keep it healthy and green. 

Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow!

It’s fine to grow your lawn longer during the winter. The taller grass manages to capture more moisture. Importantly, the longer growth can help to protect the grass’s roots during colder weather. Plus, your lawn will look fantastic with the added height.

Keep Your Lawn Protected With Pestbear

With over 25 years of experience keeping Florida lawns maintained and protected, PestBear has your lawn’s back. Our experts are always here to help you devise a proven plan to keep your lawn in excellent shape. Contact us today to get started with your winter lawn plan.

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