Preparing Your Lawn for the Summer Heat


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The summer heat can take a toll on your lawn. Begin preparing your lawn in the spring before hot weather arrives so that your grass doesn’t die and so that you don’t have to do as much work in the summer to maintain your lawn. A healthy lawn begins with the soil. Test the soil to determine the acidity level as this changes over the years. If there is too much acid in the soil, then it can be difficult for grass to properly grow. If the level is lower, then you might want to consider fertilizing your lawn. Don’t fertilize your lawn in the summer heat because it can burn the yard. Another way to prepare your lawn is through aeration. This is a process of putting small holes in the soil to allow more oxygen and nutrients to enter. You can usually get a machine that will cover a large area at one time.

Lawn Care Tips for the Season Ahead

Remove any weeds that are in the lawn so that they don’t steal the nutrients from the grass. If there is a high clay content, then till the soil to blend in sand so that the soil doesn’t crack or get too hard in the summer heat. Perform a deep water treatment at least one time before the summer season. Make sure the water gets deep into the ground to keep the roots moist. If there isn’t a lot of rain in the summer, then you want to deep water the lawn at least one more time and use a sprinkler system to keep the lawn hydrated. You can also mulch the lawn to keep nutrients and water in the ground.

Protect your lawn from pests by putting a fence around the perimeter. This should be a fence that is strong enough so that it won’t get blown over in high winds and that doesn’t have holes that pests can get through. A wooden fence is sometimes the best option with a reinforced base of concrete. PestBear can use products to treat the lawn as well to keep pests away or to remove them if any are seen.

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