Why Do Roaches Infest Homes?


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Cockroaches infest your home for a variety of reasons. For one thing, cockroaches are living creatures that appreciate a cozy, warm atmosphere. Cockroaches also enjoy eating the crumbs you forgot to sweep off the kitchen floor after dinner. Cockroaches are persistent in pursuing their wishes to find acceptable shelter and food. Their persistence in seeking out these necessities is largely responsible for keeping them alive over the past 300 million years. So, one simple way to prevent cockroaches from residing in your home is to sweep, mop and vacuum your floors and carpets on a regular basis.

Cockroaches are attracted to dark, gloomy places, especially if they happen to include damp atmospheres. A cockroach only needs a small crack or hole to enter the home. Their sturdy bodies are adept at finding ways to enter your home such as any type of opening in a pipe, wall or siding. If you do not have a door guard under your front or back door, roaches can easily enter your living room from the patio. Since they also enjoy hiding in dark places, your suitcase, laptop cover and backpack offer the perfect habitat. Use zippers to ensure that the insects do not have access to your luggage and carryalls.

Keep Your Home Roach-Free

If you live in an apartment, townhome or condominium, cockroaches can find the way into your home via your neighbor’s attached unit. If you happen to turn on the kitchen light early in the morning before the sun rises, you may see a few cockroaches crawling on your kitchen floor. These clever insects scurry when you turn on the switch and often run underneath the stove.

For one thing, the area beneath a stove is dark and provides a good hiding place. But it is also possible that the roaches are entering your home via a hole in the wall located behind your stove. If your neighbor has cockroach residents, then your home is a primary target because the pests have two places where they can find culinary treats. Cockroaches also enjoy hiding underneath your refrigerator and in any nook or cranny found in the bathroom.

Garbage cans and bags are attractive to cockroaches because they are always searching for new opportunities to obtain food. You can reduce an army of cockroaches into a smaller group by throwing out your trash every evening. Line the garbage container with a leakproof plastic garbage bag and wash the trash can if it starts to look grungy.

If you are frustrated because you find it impossible to eliminate a cockroach infestation in your home, contact PestBear today. A PestBear technician will inspect your home and find the perfect solution for making your home a cockroach-free environment.

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