What Attracts Roaches?


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Cockroaches don’t need much to survive. If you take away their resources, the pests won’t feel like you’re a very good host, and they’ll look elsewhere for their creature comforts. However, some of their sources of food, water and shelter aren’t what you would expect.

Cockroaches Are Not Finicky Eaters

Cockroaches love food, but they don’t need a lot of it to survive. Even if you have sealed and stored last night’s leftovers, you might have left some crumbs on the counter or soggy bits in the sink. The pests will also eat pet food and climb into your refrigerator if given the chance.

Roaches can smell strong food odors, like the ones that emanate from your trash can. Therefore, you should toss scraps in a covered garbage can outdoors every day.

Cockroaches Are Attracted To Cardboard

Cardboard offers food and shelter for roaches. The insects can digest the fibers of the organic material, and they can hide in the cover of a stack of boxes. Wet cardboard is even better. It emits a scent that cockroaches pick up, and it keeps them hydrated.

Roaches are also attracted to piles of magazines, books and paper. They’ll eat the glue and other organic materials that are found in these items.

Cockroaches Like Clutter

A messy area provides plenty of spaces in which cockroaches can hide. They can conceal themselves in a disorderly pantry or a jumbled storage area for months before you discover that they’re there. By that time, they might have invited all of their friends and laid eggs.

Cockroaches Are Attracted To Each Other

Certain bacteria in a roach’s digestive system end up in its feces and attract other cockroaches. Cockroaches also emit chemicals that communicate messages about where to find food and shelter. These scent profiles encourage other roaches to join them. Even if you have taken care of a cockroach infestation, the odor might linger and continue to bring in more pests.

Eliminating the insects from your home is the first step in resolving a cockroach problem. Taking measures to make your property less attractive to the pests is the best way to keep roaches from coming back. A professional pest control service, such as PestBear, can help make your home inviting to the guests that you really want while preventing unwanted visitors from entering.

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