There’s plenty to love about New Port Richey, from its enviable postcard scenery to its close-knit feel among friends and neighbors. With a population under 20,000 residents, it seldom feels like you’re surrounded by strangers; that is until you catch the signs of a pest invasion in your home or business.

PestBear is the local, family-owned company that steps between damaging—and just plain irritating—pests and your peace of mind with business and home pest services that clear Florida’s most persistent insects from the premises. Our affiliation with HomeAdvisor, membership with the Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce, and reliable reputation during over 25 years of service lets you know when you recruit us as your commercial or residential pest exterminator, you can guarantee we’ll solve the problem.

What You Can Count on with PestBear:

  • Non-invasive pest control solutions to keep your home or business livable while being treated.
  • Continuous monitoring and follow-up visits to keep pests from coming back.
  • Highly effective programs without the high cost.

Having served New Port Richey and areas all over Florida for multiple decades, we’re familiar with the state’s most common pest and lawn care issues that plague our personal and neighborhood paradises.

Florida’s Most Common Pests:

  • Roaches
  • Termites
  • Bed bugs

Florida’s Most Common Lawn Disease:

  • Fairy ring
  • Brown patch
  • Rust fungus
  • Dollar spot
  • Green leafy spot

We see our customers as family, and whether you’re working with us for the first time or maintaining your property with seasonal services, you’re going to receive the highest respect and care from our trained professionals. We always discuss our recommendations for reaching your lawn maintenance and pest control goals without working in surprise services that rack up your bill.

Take a look at what we can do to make your property beautiful and your indoors pest-free!

Lawn Services

Keeping your New Port Richey lawn looking magnificent is exhausting work, even when you live in a place that’s perceived to have “the best weather year-round.” We think you deserve to spend your free time enjoying that Southern-blessed weather—not sweating over lawn maintenance issues and disease treatment. Our lawn care division, LawnBear, offers affordable, customized plans that keep your landscape looking good and pest free.

Lawn Maintenance Services:

  • Lawn, tree, and shrub care.
  • Fertilization.
  • Lawn disease and fungus treatments.

Get the lawn you’ve always wanted, and call PestBear today!

Residential Pest Control in New Port Richey

You work hard to keep your house safe and clean, so why should pests get to live there rent-free? Other than leaving droppings and exoskeletons throughout your home, pests can damage structure, contaminate food, and spread disease—especially the common pests found in Florida:

Most Common House Pests in Florida:



Bed bugs

All of these bugs cause problems only a professional residential pest exterminator can solve. When an infestation becomes severe, our home pest services are quick to eradicate the problem without disrupting your day-to-day routine. After thoroughly examining your property, we locate the nest and note where additional insects are entering your home. We then develop a treatment plan with indoor and outdoor applications that eliminate the pests who have already taken up residence while preventing others from thinking they can do the same.

Eliminate pest magnets from your residence with PestBear’s home pest services. Call today!

Commercial Pest Control for New Port Richey Businesses

Offices, restaurants, shops, and other businesses face another category of problems compared to residential dwellings. All it takes is one cockroach sighting to damage a restaurant’s good reputation or the hint of a bed bug invasion to shut down a local clothing boutique. Failure to maintain a pest-free facility results in penalties that small businesses can’t afford, so investing in pest control for business is a move that saves you money and maintains required sanitation standards.

Early detection is key to long-term pest prevention, so if a visitor or employee mentions a pest sighting, that’s your sign to take action. Our pest control for business services are designed to treat the problem quickly and effectively without drawing attention to it. 

We at PestBear:

  • Do a thorough inspection of the entire premises to locate the nest and areas of high activity.
  • Have our qualified and experienced professionals apply the most successful extermination methods while you continue with business as usual.
  • Handle your pest control problem fast and discreetly, so you won’t lose business over uninvited guests.

Pests are our business, they don’t belong in yours. Contact us today for a free quote!