What Are Roaches Most Attracted To?


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When you think about how pests invade your home, you need to think about what drew them in. We all have things that attract us, and it is no different for the pests. For a cockroach, the attraction is the basic necessities to survive. These attractions include food, water and a place to stay. If you know what attracts roaches, then you can protect your home by eliminating what brings them in.

A Food Attraction

The main attraction for a cockroach is food. They are not picky. Any food remaining out on the counter, stove or in the sink is fair game. The roaches will even go after the crumbs. So, it is important to make sure that when you finish eating, everything is properly put away. Clean up the dishes in the sink and wipe down the counters. Do not forget to wipe up the floors to remove any fallen crumbs. If you should happen to leave anything out for extended periods of time, then you should dispose of it. You never know when those pesky pests came into your home.

Just Add Water to Survive

The next attraction for roaches is water. Roaches need water to survive. So, they love to find wet and damp places. They will likely be around your sink or tub or maybe even under a wet bath mat. If you want to take away this temptation, make sure you keep the tub and shower dry by wiping them down after each use. You should also hang your bath mat and towels for them to dry. Do not leave damp items on the floor.

Taking Up Residency

The last major attraction for roaches is a place to stay. If there is any way for them to enter your home, they will find it. Roaches will come through cracks in the walls or foundation, improperly sealed windows or doors, and even pipes. To avoid the additional guests in your home, complete regular inspections, keeping an eye out for the places the pests might enter. If you find any openings, seal them up with caulk or other sealants.

Remember, if you take away the attraction for the roaches, you reduce the risk for an infestation. You need consistency in keeping things clean and dry. If you notice any signs of roaches in your home, you should contact us and our team will be happy to take a look. After the examination, you can discuss treatment and maintenance plans to keep your home roach-free.

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