Your Guide to Termite Infestations


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One of the biggest pest threats to your home is one that can cause extensive damage. Termites are especially destructive, and the damage can cause many issues for you and the resale of your home. Before extensive damage can be done, look for signs of termites and contact a pest professional as soon as possible.

How termites get in


If you have cracks in your floor or foundation, you need to get them repaired. Termites can easily enter through these places.

Shelter tubes

They can also get in by building shelter tubes from the ground. These tubes allow them to get to wood located in dark and damp places. It’s important to pay attention to the signs of termites in order to identify them early and avoid extensive damage to your home.

How termites can damage your home

The short-term damage

The first things you may notice are pin-sized holes in drywall with mud covering them, jammed doors/windows, mud tunnels on foundations, damaged wooden objects, and a hollow sound when tapping wood or cardboard boxes/paper that covers a crack in the floor. These issues can be dangerous and can weaken the support of your home. The short-term damage is just the beginning.

The long-term damage

The largest issue you may find with long-term damage is that you will have a problem selling your home. Many people are not comfortable with buying a home with a history of termites. The problems they cause are costly and can be deeply rooted in the house. You will probably lose a bit of your resale value because it will scare off potential buyers.

How to recover from a termite infestation

Step one

Contact a pest professional to help you get rid of the termites. This is usually pretty easy and inexpensive.

Step two

This is where the expensive piece of a termite infestation comes in. You need to repair the damage that they caused. If the damage is extensive, you may need to gut the inner structure of your home itself.

Make sure to keep an eye out for signs of termites. The damage done can be devastating to your home, and you may be stuck paying for it for years. Take care of them as soon as you notice any signs. If you suspect termites, contact us immediately to schedule an inspection.

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