5 Tips for Repelling Termites


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Many homeowners worry about termites. Repairing termite damage can be expensive and disruptive to your life. Staying ahead of the game, so to speak, is the best strategy when dealing with termites. Don’t make it easy for termites to transition from the outdoors to inside your house. Once in your home, termites can go undetected for quite some time.

So what are some helpful ways to keep termites from invading your home? Here are five effective tips for repelling termites.

1. Clear Wood Away From Your Home

Termites need to eat wood or plant cellulose material to survive. Remove fallen branches from around your house and from your rooftop. Store your firewood pile away from your home and off the ground. When raking leaves, don’t leave the leaf pile next to the house, and clear any leaves from your gutters.

2. Try to Eliminate Moisture Near Your House

In addition to wood, termites need moisture. Be sure to fix any leaking pipes or hose bibs near your home. If you have standing water near the foundation or problems with your downspouts directing water away from the house, make any necessary repairs. Don’t create a hospitable environment for the termites.

3. Remove Any Wood in Contact With Your House

If you use wood mulch, such as shredded bark, next to your house, it can become a source of food for termites. Try to keep mulch a safe distance away from your home and your foundation. Trees or shrubs either touching or close to your house should be cut back or removed if necessary.

4. Repair Cracks in Your House Foundation

Regularly check your foundation and repair any cracks that make it easy for termites — as well as other pests — to invade your home. In addition, look for gaps in your siding or around doors and windows. These are also easy points of access for termites.

5. Have Your Home Inspected for Termites

Termites are very distressing for homeowners and an infestation can quickly cause severe damage to your house. Since they eat nonstop, termites can devour significant amounts of wood within a brief period of time. Having a termite inspection conducted by a licensed pest control professional can provide solutions for any termite-related problems that you may have and help ensure the integrity of your home.

For any of your termite or other pest-related concerns, contact PestBear today.

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