What Attracts Cockroaches to a Home?


Cockroaches can certainly send shivers down anyone’s spine. They are gross, annoying and just a nuisance to get rid of. Plus, if you see one, it probably means more will appear soon. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent cockroaches from being attracted to your home and making their way inside.

Clean and Dispose of Food Properly

Perhaps the biggest attraction for cockroaches is food residue. Whether it’s bread crumbs or fruit scraps, cockroaches will do just about anything to track down a meal. Thoroughly clean areas where leftover food can collect, such as in the kitchen. Check small crevices where food can collect if left unnoticed. Cockroaches can also use dirt and other grime as a food source, so keep up with general cleanliness around the house to help fend them off.


Like humans, cockroaches need water to survive. Only, they cannot just grab a glass out of the cupboard and fill it up. They must find it naturally, and your home is bound to have what they are looking for. Leaky sinks and pipes will certainly attract them, hence why they are often found in bathrooms, sinks, and basements. Darkened areas in the basement can be especially troublesome as these places typically have high moisture levels.


Once a cockroach finds its source of food and water, it will then try to find a secure shelter nearby. Dark areas of the house are inviting as a lack of light allows them to be hidden. Old storage boxes that have not been touched in years could be susceptible to becoming a new roach home. Many of these areas can be found and taken care of through general cleaning, but you should always keep your eyes open for less obvious spots where cockroaches might be.

Get Roach Help Now

Foundation Imperfections

Cockroaches need a way to enter the home before they can set up shop. They are small and flexible, so it is easy for them to squeeze through just about any crack or crevice. Search inside and outside the house for any noticeable openings that would allow them to get through. Use caulk or a similar product to seal those entrances.

Don’t Stress

Cockroaches can be troublesome to deal with, so don’t stress too much if the problem is a lot to handle. The team at PestBear is here to help. They are a family-owned business that has been helping folks find pest solutions for over 25 years. Contact PestBear today to talk with a team of professionals that you can trust.

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