How Bad Weather Can Contribute to an Increase in Pests


The weather affects pests more than you may realize. Different temperatures, seasons, and weather patterns can contribute to an increase in pests. Here are a few examples.

Hot vs. Cold Seasons

During the winter, some pests need to hibernate to stay alive. Others die because they simply cannot withstand such freezing temperatures. During the winter, you will not experience the same pest problems that you will during the spring and summer months. You may experience problems with pests who are looking for warmth, like squirrels, mice, chipmunks, and stray animals. Pests like flies, gnats, ants, and other bugs will not bother you in the winter.

Hot weather will bring pests out from hibernation. A variety of insects and rodents thrive in warm weather. While we might not enjoy hot, humid temperatures, most pets love this kind of weather, and this will increase their population. Once they get into your yard, they will attempt to make their way into your home.

Rainy Weather

Constant rain will always attract pests into your home, especially ants. Ants hate the rain and will always look for somewhere dry to hide. If they can find a way into your home, they will not hesitate to come inside.

Rodents will also look for shelter during very rainy weather. Pests like mice and rats will typically try to get into your basement from underground, or they will try to get in from the roof. Make sure you seal up these entrances to ensure that your home remains pest-free during rainy weather.

Dry Weather

A drought or constant dry weather will make it difficult for pests to find food outside in their natural habitat. Naturally, they will be attracted to your home, especially if they can smell food inside. If you like to grill outside, make sure to clean up after yourself. Leaving crumbs and other food debris in your yard can be the first thing that attracts pests towards your home.

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